Saturday, 8 August 2009

Heather's big adventure

To begin at the beginning:
Mount Hutt was nice enough yesterday, but there were a lot of wind damaged areas with mixed icy and crusty snow. Heather managed to encounter one of these and had a big slide, during which she hit her left shoulder and ended up down at a beginner trail, leaving a "yard sale" of skis and poles back up the hill.

We skied down to her and she was not keen to move - a patroller showed up quickly, then a couple more arrived with a sled and a back board. They rolled her onto the board, strapped her in to the sled, and she had her first toboggan ride to the medical room.
Heather takes a sled ride. The red is blood from a minor scrape to her forehead and nose.
A smile for the camera, before the toboggan ride.
At the med room they checked her out thoroughly, then when the painkillers started working we got her into the car and returned to town, and on to the hospital emergency room for an x-ray. That was at 5pm; at 6pm I went home and unloaded the car, started a meal, and awaited the call to come and collect her. At 7pm I went back to the hospital, where she was still lying on a bed waiting for the x-ray, then I came home after another half hour. She was finally x-rayed at 8.30, and told she had cracked some bones in her upper arm, and they wanted a "bone man" to take a look. At 9.30pm she phoned to say they were keeping her in for the night.

This morning she is waiting for the bone people, and I'll collect her when they've decided what to do. I suspect that she'll have the arm in a sling for several weeks, which means she won't be able to go to work and I'll be the chief cook and bottlewasher. This has probably ended the 2009 ski season for both of us...

Heather is home, with a broken arm and a cracked pelvis. The pelvis is not as painful as the arm, and she can walk slowly with a stick - but that means that she can't carry anything. More later.

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