Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Moving time

My new office
We did a big office shuffle on Monday; one staff member's retirement has caused a cascading series of moves, ending with me leaving the nice corner office which I've shared with Jess since May 2007.
I hide behind my twin monitors; better than sitting with my back to the door, which was the first arrangement.
I haven't gone far, just a couple of metres, to a smaller solo office opening off the shared tea-room which serves the other offices; the Moodle developer(s) and the system administrator(s). (The conditional plurals mean that we're in a state of flux with the second positions in both offices.)

It is good to have a private space to talk with staff; there have been occasions in recent months when I've had conversations that should have taken place behind closed doors.
I have a pretty good view out to the southwest.

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