Monday, 28 September 2009

Another week

The weekend was quiet, though we did a little shopping; 4 outdoor chairs (alloy frames, teak slats) for $200, then a basket for the handlebars of Heather's runabout bike. The basket was $60, but it's really good quality. All the fittings are solid and well thought out, and it has nice touches like a handle that clips into place so it doesn't rattle about. Even the installation instructions were clear and well produced. We're so used to lightweight inferior crap from China that encountering a well made product comes as a surprise.

Heather has tried driving, with some success - as long as she gets things set up well, she can manage. She went to the pool and did some aqua-jogging yesterday too, so she's starting to rejoin the human race.

It will be quiet around work this week, with half our group away on holidays or doing training courses.

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