Thursday, 17 September 2009

Boxing on

Most of my time at work this week has been devoted to preparing a submission about the university's plans for our unit, UCTL. In short, the plan is to move us under the umbrella of the College of Education, because we "teach teachers". We've been very busy marshalling our responses to this, pointing out that we are really engaged in university-wide support for teaching, not in "training teachers", and that we belong in the academic policy and support area. It's certainly a wonderful way to take people's attention away from their real jobs.

Heather is getting close to being two-armed again. She gets x-rayed then sees the surgeon next Monday, and hopefully he'll tell her to go forth and exercise. She's really keen to get back in the pool again, even if she will have limited mobility in the injured shoulder for a while.

The first challenge is for her to practise getting undressed and into her swimsuit - and then dressed again. She's had Alice or me, or her ACC-funded helper, to get clothes off and on for the last six weeks. We've coped pretty well, but it will be nice to cook only 4 or 5 nights a week, rather than 7.

Schroeder and I plan to walk from North Beach to Spencerville and back on Saturday, about 5km each way, to vary our preparations. It will be an interesting change, from walking up big hills to covering longer distances.

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