Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bridle Path morning

Schroeder and I walked up the Bridle Path from the Lyttelton side this morning. We'd been to check my boat (needs a new tarp cover, but that happens every year) then drove up to the start of the path. Most people walked up from the town, and I can understand why - the parking is almost non-existent up that part of the town.

Anyway, we reached the top in 30 minutes, wandered about the tops for a while, then returned to the car. My new walking poles are proving their ability to share the load on hips and knees, so our preparations are going well. Next week we want to go round Castle Rock via a side path off the Bridle Track, and then I think we should do some longer flat walks, maybe Bottle Lake to Spencerville up the back side of the dunes, or maybe up a river somewhere.

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