Saturday, 17 October 2009

An active day

Schroeder and I started up the Rapaki Track at 9.30am, and reached the top an hour and ten minutes later. We were pretty pleased with that, as we sat in the cloud eating apples and drinking water. The trip back down took an hour. It was a great walk, and we seem to be keeping up a good standard of fitness. The Routeburn is five weeks away.

After a shower and some lunch I went to the supermarket, then to Bunnings for garden stuff, and I dropped in to the library on the way back. At home I planted some courgette plants and some silver beet. Then I sowed seed for rows of radishes and spinach. The rows of butter beans and peas that I sowed on Thursday now have stakes and netting for the climbing vines. Next task is the plants I'm going to put in pots; a Moneymaker tomato and two basil plants. I'll do them in the morning, then they'll share the garage wall with the grapevine.

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