Saturday, 31 October 2009

Bike fun

Schroeder and I agreed that we couldn't fit a walk into our day, so I took my newly serviced bike, with a new chain and rear cluster (don't ask the price), for a proper ride. That means lycra, I'm sad to say.

I rode through town to the corner where Hagley Park meets Addington, then wended my way through to Cashmere. I then turned into Centaurus Rd, which runs around the base of the Port Hills, past Huntsbury and Murray Ansley, then Hillsborough. That involved a good little hill up past Rapaki and Glenelg Spur, a fast descent, then into the grimmer part of industrial Woolston. That led me to Linwood Ave, and a fast trip back home with a tail wind. 22.7km in an hour and 10 minutes, not a bad time with half the trip being into a head wind.

That was followed by preparing dinner, cleaning rain gutters, then off to the pub for an hour before biking home and cooking red cod with a vegetable salsa, plus boiled potatoes and green beans. Nice. And healthy.

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