Saturday, 24 October 2009

Camera fun

Yesterday I did some camera purchasing, replacing the stolen Canon Powershot A620, which was a fine camera. I saw that Dick Smiths had a deal on a Fuji Finepix S2000HD, bundled with a handbag-size Fuji A170, for $600, so I shot in there at lunchtime. I emerged having spent $730, after adding a camera bag, batteries, plus 4GB and a 2GB SD cards. So here are some photos.

This is a Fuji S2000HD - 10MP, and a 15x zoom lens, which is extreme enough to require a tripod in most circumstances.

The first real shot I took - Grant Bush getting ready to leave the IT Department and ride his 900cc Ducati to Dunedin for Labour Weekend.

Heather practising her hobby of world domination by telephone.

The University Staff Club in spring sunshine.

Heather's new toy, a Finepix A170. It seems to be a lovely little camera so far.

Mark Schroeder on the day before he turns 60, walking up the Bridle Path and back as training for the Routeburn in 4 weeks' time.
A demonstration of the power - and limitations - of the 15x zoom lens. The close-up is rather wobbly, even with image stabilisation turned on.

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