Thursday, 29 October 2009

A day in the big smoke

Climbing out from Christchurch in heavy rain.

I was on a 7am flight to Auckland this morning, when a woman in the seat in front mentioned Turnitin. It turned out that she was from CPIT, where she lectures computing students on ethics - and that she's married to a lecturer I knew well when I worked there in 1997-99. She was also going to the Turnitin seminar. Small world.

We got on a bus to town and there was the Turnitin admin from Lincoln, who'd been on the same flight as well. Smaller world. The bus got us to town in about an hour, giving us time for a coffee and a chat before entering the seminar. Meeting Dr John Barrie, the initial developer and current CEO, was interesting, and he certainly listened to feedback from the audience through the day. It was well worth being there, I must say.

After the seminar ended, I met up with my old friend Logan Moss, who'd been visiting Waikato students teaching in schools in Auckland. He drove me to the airport, where we had a glass of wine and a chat before I caught the return flight. Back home I reheated a frozen dinner and now I'm watching Media 7. Not a bad day.

Logan Moss, dressed as a professional person.

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