Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Land wars

Heather has gone a bit cold - well, cooled off a bit - on the Harvey Terrace section. Although it's a good section, she's worried about the possibility of large blocks of flats on the surrounding L3 (high density) zones making the neighbourhood scruffy in years to come, a bit like inner St Albans.

It's a fair point, so we're off to look at a section for sale in St Albans (the L2 medium density part, though) on Thursday. The more we look at our house situation, the more obvious it is that we can build a brand new house, to our own design, for about the same price as a 10 year old place with single glazed windows and worn carpets.

There won't be any sudden decisions - we're off to Dunedin on Friday to visit Heather's sister Elaine, who's had a rough time since bowel surgery in early winter but is now on the mend, and Jim Guthrie, our old friend who has Parkinsons Disease and doesn't get many visitors these days.

We'll have had time to think and have a decent discussion about it while we drive. That's the theory, anyway.

Right: The Allard St section is 480m from Schroeder's Tavern as the Google flies.

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