Friday, 16 October 2009

Near Miss

I encountered a very near Miss yesterday. It was a beautiful day, so I went out on my bike at lunchtime to do a message and get some fresh air.

On my way back to the University, I was biking along the cycle lane on Clyde Rd, periodically glancing in my handlebar-mounted mirror to see what the cars behind me were doing, when I saw a grey-blue hatchback with its left wheels in the cycle lane. A few seconds later, half the car was in the cycle lane, and the car was showing no signs of correcting its course, so I decided I'd better take evasive action.

I found a gap between some parked cars and got off the road into a driveway, in time to watch the car drive by, taking up the whole cycle lane by now - while the young female driver carried on typing her text message. I wish I'd got her number, but I didn't manage - I was still thanking my lucky stars for my mirror and realising what a lucky escape I'd had. A cyclist without a mirror would have died.

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