Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Some good, some bad

The UC Service Units master plan was released around 4pm yesterday. The Flexible Learning Group will now be in the resources group with ICTS & the Library. We will be called Teaching Technologies Support, split from the Surveys and Institutional Research people who go to Research, and the Academic Development staff who go to HR. (On the assumption that they provide professional development, I suppose.) Now we await the next stage, which is the structure of the units within each group.

Heather arrived home to find that we'd had a break-in; kids had forced a bathroom window and stolen some odd things. They took Heather's jewellery, an old Mac laptop, all her pills (I hope they take all the Warfarin at once, that will do them good) and her good rain jacket. They missed my supply of pills, and in both bathrooms they ignored supplies of codeine - though they did take panadeine. The police have been informed, but I doubt we'll see them on site, even though we have a beautiful hand print on the window.

UPDATE - Wednesday morning:
Police took fingerprints yesterday but they're not confident. We suspect it was a big kid - little kid combo (or parent-kid) as a small person came in the window. A local primary school known for gang problems had a teacher-only day on Monday, and these guys stole some Mongrel-Mob-red neckerchiefs - though they dropped them on the way out.

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