Thursday, 1 October 2009

The wave

Apparently the Samoans who had everything wiped out by yesterday's earthquake and tsunami are simply referring to "the wave". There's not much else you can say, really.

With so many Kiwis living and working alongside Samoans, this is going to be an ongoing concern here as well. And the Samoan people themselves; how do you adjust to the loss of 11 family members? Things like that have happened to many of the survivors. Personal loss on this scale happens far away as the result of genocide, not to happy little villages by the sea.

I just hope that the government gets over its cost-cutting spree and gets stuck in with aid money and manpower. I bet a lot of laid off workers would go there for a couple of months to live in tent camps and help to string power lines, or build roads, bridges, hospitals, and schools. And we've got lots of telecommunications maintenance and repair staff at a loose end just now.

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