Monday, 12 October 2009

Down and up

We were in Dunedin for the weekend, visiting Heather's sister Elaine, who is about the weight of a budgie but insists she's on the mend after a horror winter of surgery and lung infections, and our friend Jim Guthrie, who's soldiering on in spite of his Parkinsons. He's become a grandfather, but the baby is seriously premature and still in hospital, though expected to come right. It was passing showers and a cold SW wind on Friday and Saturday - we drove out of the cold front around Oamaru at lunchtime on Sunday.

We're all sitting here staring at our email waiting for the restructuring announcement from our Vice Chancellor - it looks like our department is going to be broken into separate units and sent to new homes, among various other changes to service (non-teaching) departments. That will make us the only university in Australasia without a dedicated teaching support operation - apparently all the others have got it wrong. The irony is that this upheaval, named Project STAR, is supposed to "Support Teaching and Research". My guess is that our group will end up in the library somewhere, but I wish they'd just send out the email - they made their minds up weeks ago, after all.

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