Saturday, 14 November 2009

It is forbidden to throw rocks at this sign

The above sentence, according to the Frost Report in the 1960s, was the sole text on a sign in an English park.

It popped into my memory today when I had the following experience: I was exploring around the file system of MacGregor and wanted to see the contents of a file.
$ cat fstab.hd
This file does nothing, contains no useful data, and might go away in future releases. Do not depend on this file or its contents.
Pardon? The only purpose of your 150 bytes of disk space is to tell users that you're useless, and can't be trusted? Who wrote this file, Salvador Dali?

On a totally unrelated topic, Owen Cambridge and I rigged my yacht and went for the first sail of the summer, in a grey 12-15 knot easterly. We sailed up to Purau, then back out for a run down to Naval Point. I have lots of maintenance to do, but at least the boat is operational.

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