Monday, 30 November 2009

The simple life

I'm a man of modest desires, most of the time, and I can get by with just the bare necessities; a decent laptop, good wifi, and fast broadband. I don't ask for much.

Isn't it funny how our horizons shift as we grow used to technology? In the 1930s you'd have been happy to have any vehicle, as long as it moved; now we want electric windows and an iPod connection. And a GPS with 48 voices.

So here I am with a new MacBook Pro, Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings on the headphones, surfing the intertubes, and not even noticing how absolutely incredible this feat of technology is. It just happens.

The other nice development in recent years is that I don't care if I'm using Windows, Mac, or Linux - the interface has settled down in recent years, and we all know what the various interface widgets do, so we just get on with it.

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