Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Conferencing on

At about the half way point, it's easy to suffer from conference fatigue. You get so many interesting ideas in a short time frame, and the brain starts going "la la la, I can't hear you". I've started getting picky about the sessions I attend; about 3 years ago Ascilite started grouping presentations together with 3 or 4 on related topics in the same 1.5hr session, which makes it hard to be selective. I've been sneaking out between presentations and sneaking back - or into another room - for a later session.
Monday evening, dinner hosted by Blackboard at the Harbourside seafood restaurant on the Auckland waterfront. L-R; Tom Bowring (University of Western Sydney - UWS), Ben Carmichael (Blackboard), Colin Lowe (University of Sydney), Rhondda (???), Lynnae Rankine & Kathie Goldsworthy (UWS)

It's been a good conference so far, on the whole. There are lots of presentations on Web 2.0 applications in education, with course design a close second in numbers. I have to do a short presentation tomorrow as part of a 4-way "How we went to Moodle" session with Waikato, Massey, and Canberra, then I'm going to miss the final lunch and plenary session in favour of meeting up with an old friend who works in the central city, for a late lunch. My flight doesn't leave till 6.30 so I have the rest of the afternoon to get myself to the airport.

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