Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The end

I'm on holiday, as of 2pm today. We were really quiet, with only 10 people at work this morning. By lunchtime there were 8 of us, having lunch in the tea room adjoining our offices. Derek brought bread, cold meat, and cheese with pickles, so we made sandwiches. I provided fruit and some wine and beer, then a box of chocolates for dessert. A jolly time was had by all, then we tidied up our offices and sloped off.

It's been a huge year for the Flexible Learning Group. The Moodle transition project alone was going to make it one to remember, then Bill Rosenberg left in April, I took over as team leader, and we moved into The Restructuring. Now our department is being split up and scattered, and next year looks like it will be equally stressful.

So we're all well and truly ready for a holiday. I'm going back to work for the 11th - 15th January, then we're taking the following week off to go camping in the Molesworth Valley. After that, it's into 2010, hoping for a chance to settle down and get some kind of team together.

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