Sunday, 13 December 2009

Mental diversions

Trying not to dwell on the possibilities for the Machiavellian set of meetings over Monday and Tuesday - is the timing close to Christmas a superbly crafted conspiracy, or just a bunch of overworked people running late? And have they got it right? These are nervous times around our office.

If I was looking to foster the standard of teaching, I think I might have approached it a bit differently, but we don't have the details yet. Just the suspense.

It's been a nice weekend; Schroeder and I did a good amount of boat maintenance on Saturday, but we didn't sail because of the gusty northwester. Today I had a major tidy up in the vege garden, and bought my Christmas/birthday present - a Uniden Atlantis VHF handheld radio, to replace the previous one which died. Then we had the first barbecue of the summer - though we ate inside.

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