Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Sailing again

Sailing again today, this time in a lovely 10-15 knot easterly with temperatures above 20o C and lots of sunshine. We sailed for an hour or so, then picked up Jill Schroeder and grand-daughter Morgan at Diamond Harbour. We motored about then put the sails back up and had a good sail up to Parson's Rock beacon (which is now unused, and rapidly falling to bits). Then we set off down wind to Cass Bay, where we downed sails and motored back to the club ramp.

It was marvellous, just what sailing should be. I had the camera, but we didn't take a single photo.

“There is nothing half so much worth doing as mucking about in boats. In them or out of them, it doesn't much matter."
— The Water Rat, Wind in the Willows

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