Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Speed wobbles and Project STAR

Just as the whizzy Project STAR (Supporting Teaching And Research) changes were announced, the wheels fell off the bits in our vicinity. We were called in to individual meetings and told that our jobs were "disestablished", which is Newspeak for "You're sacked".

In my case, the blow was softened with "...the responsibilities should be assumed by the proposed new position of Electronic Learning Media Team Leader." However, I'm not convinced; the role includes some people we've had nothing to do with, and assumes that what we do is to "produce media" - in spite of six weeks of haranguing various managers telling them that we advise teachers, and we don't produce any media of note in our own name.

The real fun came late in the day, as I was about to leave; I was suddenly summoned to the TEU union office, where an HR official informed me that they'd made a dreadful mistake and I wasn't sacked after all; only my Team Leader job was gone, my basic Educational Technology Consultant role was going to carry over to the new structure. That changed the game entirely; I can ignore the new Team Leader role if I wish, I still have my day job. (Though with the change to Moodle there is less to do at the GUI-admin level, and we'll need to fill that gap with innovative projects - hardly a strain, it's what we love in our game.)

Some questions spring to mind at times like this;
1 How come you didn't notice my job status in the first place?
2 How many other mistakes have you made, due to the huge rush of this "project"?
3 Why can't people understand what our group DOES? Teachers understand it just fine, it's people with MBAs who struggle.

Anyway, I'm a lot less inclined towards applying for the Team Leader role, now I don't have to. It seems that they need me more than I need the job, so I can think about some conditions on this role. If I don't get the job, I still have the best job in the world, playing with new educational gadgets and software, so why would I want the hassles of people management, performance reviews, and budgets?

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Mrs Hawes said...

People with MBAs struggle to understand most things, don't they?