Saturday, 9 January 2010

Carl Hiaasen's next book

I honestly thought I was reading the plot of Carl Hiaasen's next novel when I read the story of Abraham Shakespeare. (Left) After all, it was Hiaasen himself who said, “I wait for the headlines to inspire me.”

The case, of a poor guy who won $30,000,000 in a lottery and may now be dead (or in the Caribbean working on the next plot twist), has all the elements of a Hiaasen comic thriller; set in Florida, with a harmless but hapless protagonist, a sheriff named Grady Judd, and a mysterious woman named Dee Dee (Right), who has been involved in financial transactions with Abraham and who's now lying low. Maybe she's hiding out in the Everglades with the ex Governor?

I look forward to the next episode, but I do have fears for Abraham's welfare.

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