Friday, 1 January 2010

Here comes 2010

We saw in the New Year at Mark and Jill Schroeder's place last night, in a small party of 10 or so. Then we biked home, very carefully.

Now it's 2010 - but is it the start or the end of a decade? I prefer to view the 0 year as the tenth of a series beginning "1, 2, 3...", as only assembly code programmers count "0, 1, 2...", but I admit that I'm in the minority. The rest of the world is so keen to get to a milestone that they'll conveniently ignore common sense, and pretend that we really do start counting at zero. So we have lots of magazines and web sites doing "The decade in review", and declaring that 2010 is the start of a new decade.

And of course, a decade on from Y2K, a bunch of clever-dick media commentators are looking back at 2000 and wanking on about "The Y2K hype" - I wish the IT industry had just let a bunch of systems crash, to prove that it was real, but they were professional and fixed the systems so the problems mostly didn't happen. Now the chattering classes, who didn't really understand the problem anyway, are calling it a fuss about nothing. Bah, humbug.

While I'm having a grump about counting and dates, what's with American calendars starting the week with Sunday? Haven't they read Genesis? And how do they explain the word "weekend"? Double humbug.

It's a fantastic day, and I'd like to go sailing, but the forecast is for a 28 degree northwester, which is a terrible wind for sailing. Maybe a bike ride to the beach, and even the possibility of a swim...?
As it turned out, we did bike towards New Brighton, but only as far as Anzac Ave. Heather's shoulder got rather tired so we decided it was wise to turn back before it got worse. Still, she's doing more every day.

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