Thursday, 7 January 2010

More sailing

We had plans for sailing with some others on Wednesday, hoping to sail out to the Heads.
Darren Armstrong and Mark Schroeder, sailing into Purau Bay.
After a somewhat delayed start we assembled the crew at Lyttelton and set off for a great day's sailing. High tide was 10am so we had a strong outgoing tide to carry us along, and we soon arrived at Purau to meet up with Chris Hutching, who had gone over to Diamond Harbour by ferry then walked over the hill to Purau. He was just getting ready (so much for all our pub planning for an early start) so we tied up behind him and sat for a while, eating lunch and chatting.

Mark Schroeder jumped ship to sail with Chris in his little bilge keeler, Henry Salad (apparently the name comes from Monty Python, but I can't track it down). Darren and I were a lot faster in Impulsive, so we would head off upwind for a while then run back down and circle around them for a chat before heading upwind again.

Chris and Mark didn't go far from Purau, deciding to head in to Pile Bay, just east of Ripapa Island. We were a bit unsure about the water depth so we stayed at the entrance to the bay, tied to a large pile, while they sailed in for a better look.

When they came back, we decided it was time to head back down the harbour and into Purau, where we would collect Chris and deliver him back to Lyttelton. Darren and I went for another sail to avoid arriving miles before them, then we started motoring into Purau. To our surprise, about half way down the bay we gently ran aground, and had to wind the keel half way up.

Moored up to Henry Salad in Purau.

Henry Salad sails back out of Pile Bay.

Chris took his dinghy ashore, then we collected him from the end of the jetty, and motored back to the Naval Point Club jetty, just on low tide at 4pm, to pull Impulsive out and pack up. It was a great day out, with lots of sunshine but no dolphins, and I had a huge sleep last night.
Chris steered as we motored back from Purau to Lyttelton.

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