Tuesday, 12 January 2010

One day at a time

Today at work was busier than yesterday, but I enjoyed it more. I spent some of the morning with Library staff working on research questions for an introductory Law course, then carried on with writing our submission on the latest restructuring plan. Twice during the morning I was phoned by lecturers wanting to run suspicious material through Turnitin; for one-off cases I just do it for them, so those took another hour by the time I'd uploaded them and produced PDF reports on the results.

After lunch I got another lecturer with two suspect pieces - one of these scored 100%! It was the same student, trying to re-submit an essay he'd used before. Then I cleared the waiting list of course setup requests, including several phone calls to check details, dealt with more questions about the double plagiarist, caught up with a colleague at Lincoln and talked about a get-together for e-learning staff, and introduced the office ladies to buckyballs. Not a bad day.

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