Thursday, 28 January 2010

The week of techy stuff

Apple's big product launch produced a tablet computer just as beautiful as we thought it would be, and with a very nice user interface.

Now come the questions.
  • Will it work OK in the real world, with dust, glare, and rain?
  • Is the battery life REALLY 10 hours?
  • Who will buy them - kids wanting a cheap multimedia computer, housewives, businesses?
  • What's it FOR?
The e-learning possibilities of a gadget like this are fantastic, but they need to sell for less than $200 to become universal. In the nature of things, the open source version will be about two years away; I'm betting on Android. My idea of a perfect platform is an A5-sized version of the iPad; that would be as easy to carry as a diary, and a zillion times more useful.

In our office on Planet Earth, we are wrestling with Microsoft's Live@Edu and its interoperability requirements with Moodle, hoping to have it ready for enrolment, less than a month away. The hardware for our lecture video trial is being installed now, with a similar timeframe. And today we discovered that the lecture capture/broadcast software doesn't like the brand of HD videocam our AV Dept has just purchased - 20 of them! Our secure online test environment has passed final system testing, and the quizzes for the new intake assessments will be trialled next week. Just in time...

Oh yes, and we're starting a programme of training workshops for the Moodle latecomers, and setting up their courses before classes start on the 22nd of February. Plus seminars/talks on Turnitin and Respondus - oops, that's me, I'd better get organised!

We live in interesting times...

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