Friday, 5 February 2010

Back to school

As always, schools went back, and a huge anticyclone sat over the South Island this week. It's been fantastic weather for biking, and I'm very pleased with the pair of panniers I bought in Kathmandu's sale last weekend for $60. For commuting to work I just use one, to hold a change of shirt and some lunch, with my laptop bag either in the pannier or strapped to the carrier.

Work has been quiet, which is a bit unnerving, with only two weeks to go till lectures commence. We have hundreds of Moodle courses that lecturers started on when they attended workshops, but are still sitting waiting to have material added to them. I predict our phones will be ringing next week!

Yesterday was the deadline for the final submissions on Project STAR, the restructuring of support departments. Now we await the Final Solution.

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