Saturday, 20 February 2010

Out and about

We did sail today, but we put a reef in the mainsail before we even left the jetty. It was a consistent 20 knots, with a rolling swell, so we decided not to race but to just sail for fun. We bashed our way up to Parsons Rock then ran and reached down into Purau, where we dropped the sails and floated while eating lunch.

After lunch we sailed out of Purau and further towards the heads, before running back to Rapaki Bay, where we dropped sails again and motored up to the club. We were packed up at around 3pm, after sailing since 11am.

The barbecue was in a spectacular modern house perched high above Sumner beach, with a view from Scarborough hill past the coast and the Kaikouras, across the city to the mountains. As night fell, it became even more spectacular.

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