Saturday, 27 February 2010


Sometimes a day off really does what it's supposed to do - refresh you after a week at work. I did the supermarket run early today, then washed the floors after Heather had vacuumed, and made lunch. Heather got home from swimming (1.3km overarm, yeeha!) and had her lunch then settled down with a book. I decided to go and change my library books, at the New Brighton library, so I had a nice ride out there into a 10 knot easterly. I spent half an hour in the library and took some photos, then biked home. The easterly helped me home at 25 km/hr.

The New Brighton Library is bright and cheerful, with the upper level providing views over the surf from a row of large comfy armchairs.

The children's area has lots of toys and books. It was full of kids on a Saturday afternoon, making more noise than you'd expect in a library but only because they were enjoying it so much.

There is a cafe at ground level by the beach, with outside tables. The pier connects to the library building at the second level.

It's been a lovely day with perfect conditions - tomorrow I'm not sure what we'll do, but I'd like to do something physical. Maybe a bike ride up Mt Pleasant, rather than Dyers Pass which is a zoo on Sunday mornings, then along to Dyers Pass and Sumner and home with the easterly. I want to do lots of hills in the next month, to get ready for my after-Easter trip up the West Coast.

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