Thursday, 11 March 2010

Carrying on

Our final restructuring plan was announced last week, and our office staff were "disestablished", along with our Director - she was "administration" as well, apparently. There's a strong whiff of George Orwell's Newspeak about "disestablished"; it's like chopping down trees and calling it "discultivation". It depersonalises the unpleasant personal impact of a sacking, making it sound like some outside force has whipped your job out from under your feet.

Without our administration staff, life around UCTL is rather strange. We are still presenting a public face and assisting staff and students, but in reality we're not sure about things like paying accounts, booking travel, and other important matters - like buying biscuits for the tea-room. The final transition dates are set for June-July, so this will continue for a while.

Jobs in the new order are to be advertised next week, and managers appointed a few weeks after that. Then the team leader jobs will be filled, followed by other staff. The staff that are leaving are negotiating their exit terms, and we are juggling our work to cover the gaps until new staff come along.

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