Thursday, 4 March 2010

The news is out

We had the official word today; our Flexible Learning Group will become the Electronic Learning Media Group, in a new division named the Digital Media Group. (All these groups within groups come naturally to MoodlePersons.) The DMG will be one of 6 or 7 units reporting to a newly appointed Pro Vice Chancellor of Learning Resources; other units will be ex-sections from IT, plus Library and Facilities.

The real tragedy happens one level up from us; our parent department, the University Centre of Teaching and Learning (UCTL) is gone, with the academic branch sent to the Assistant VC Academic and the Registry. Our Director and admin staff vanished today. We're left to carry on somehow. Three years of development down the drain.

We've had a victory (we keep our educational video guy and his studio) and some losses (our senior educational designer has been "disestablished", and we're stuck with an unwieldy name that doesn't really describe what we do) but it could be worse. Our group will acquire two desktop publishers, and a third learning adviser. We're in for an uphill battle to establish our educational credibility in a new grouping composed of the printing unit, audio visual unit, and us - all people who think in terms of "units produced".

At least we now know where we're heading. It's sad and demoralising to be in a department that's shutting down around you (I've never been in a dying workplace before), but we know there's a definite name for our new structure. I suspect that's all there is so far, but appearances are everything in this new "world class" world. Reality will adjust to fit sooner or later.

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