Wednesday, 17 March 2010

There and back again

I'm having a semi-edible breakfast in Melbourne airport after a quick flight from Hobart. Even though a bacon and egg foccaccia is a bit rich and doughy, it beats buying the rubbish that Pacific/Virgin Blue call "food". The coffee is pretty good though, and I have 3 bottles of Famous Grouse for $NZ95, so that's compensation for the unpleasant side of travelling.

Flying into Melbourne at daybreak was spectacular, with long lines of cars already slowing to a crawl on the motorways at 7am. Living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne must be the pits if you don't have a good train service in your area.

I have a right hand window seat so I'll have camera at hand as we approach the NZ coast, hoping to get a good photo down towards South Westland to accompany my bike trip journal - it's only 3 weeks away now, so I'd better do some hill riding in the next weeks.

I decided to become a more regular Twitter-tweeter (@gregor393), as from tomorrow I'll have a 3G phone to replace my old Telstra Clear phone, which was a rebadged Telecom CDMA unit. Now they supply a free Vodafone 3G Nokia 2730, which looks fine. It's hardly an iPhone but I know the Nokia menus and it's a very compact little gadget. Some time on Thursday 18th the old one will go dead and the new one will go live, with the same number. it's a good deal at $29/month plus 29c/min to call any NZ mobile or landline - and 500 free texts/month.

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