Sunday, 21 March 2010

Today's grumble

I started using my new TelstraClear-rebadged Vodafone 3G phone on Thursday March 18th, and after a couple of 10 minute bursts trying out Gmail (which works really well) and the maps application, I thought I should check on my data usage. At $3/MB it could run up quite a bill, so I want to see how much or little my efforts so far have cost me.

Here's the display of my usage at 11.30am today. Nothing. Zero MB. Really? Nothing at all? I looked at the light grey fine print, and it says "... covers the period up to and including 12/03/2010 17:43:00" What? That's NINE DAYS AGO! It's a computer system, isn't it?

UPDATE 22/3/2010 - now it says it's showing traffic up till 19/03/2010. That's still 3 days behind reality. I've been billed $3 for 1MB so far, with more to come.

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