Monday, 15 March 2010

A warm day in Tassie

Today was pleasantly cool this morning, but the forecast for 27degC is certainly coming true this afternoon. Our group at the workshop is sitting beside a west facing window, which provided a cooling breeze but is now roasting us into sweaty little puddles. The locals seem to think winter has arrived, and started the day with sweaters and jackets on, though they've peeled those off now.

UTas Sandy Bay campus - we're at the Staff Club at upper centre

The ACODE workshop is very interesting, and it's an eye opener to see what some universities are doing to support students in their study. Programmes are being developed on academic writing, plagiarism avoidance, study skills, and many other areas. We have been able to contribute on the basis of a few projects at Canterbury, but we are definitely behind a lot of the Australian universities in this cross-campus aspect of e-learning. It's been a valuable day so far.

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