Saturday, 27 March 2010

The wingnut factor

It's obvious that the Republicans in the US don't like Obama, but 57% believe that he's a Muslim, and 45% believe he is not a US citizen. Really. These are results from a Harris poll conducted a few weeks ago.

Top of the list of Obama's crimes - he's a socialist! Some of my favourite politicians are socialists; I thought it was a political viewpoint, not a crime. Especially in The Land Of The Free. How do they explain FDR and the New Deal?

The serious wingnut stuff carries on; Obama does things the way Htler did, he's a racist, he wants to turn the US over to a world government. Why? Because he's the antichrist, that's why! (14% of Republicans think so, anyway.)

Even sadder, these nutcase results get higher as education levels decrease, and education standards have been dropping steadily in the US in recent years, to the point where having been to college is regarded as unpatriotic among the Wasilla Wackos. The US is filling up with people who believe in ghosts, UFOs, and Muslims under the bed.

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