Friday, 30 April 2010

Big day

Comings and goings on the employment scene here at the University, as the restructuring continues. This week most of the librarian managers were disestablished, leaving the Library with lots of staff but no senior librarians to supervise them and set directions. Today our Senior Educational Designer leaves, and I heard that one of the most capable young managers at ICTS has not been appointed to the job he wanted, so is now redundant.

Balancing all that human carnage, we have today finalised appointments for two E-learning Developers to run our Moodle system. One is a present employee who will move from a fixed term job to a permanent one (and a higher salary grade), the other is working at a web development firm in Christchurch and will join us at the end of May. It's quite a process, appointing staff - the paper work is incredible!

Now we will set up for a farewell function for the staff member who's leaving today, and have some snacks and a drink or two - and some speeches.

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