Wednesday, 28 April 2010

A day out

Out from work, that is. I starved yesterday and took weird drinks at appointed times last night, to do my "bowel prep" for this morning's close inspection. Today I showed up at 8am and was lying on my side and thinking of England by 8.30. I elected to have no sedation, which was surprising to many of the nursing staff, but as it turned out I was right - no major discomfort or pain, and I was home by 10.30am. The procedure produced two polyps in early stages, which is about the same as previous probes. (And I use that word advisedly.)

I used the rest of the day to get the 500GB drive installed in my ex work PC, and then partition/format/copy data from the already-chokka C drive. Now (thanks to TweakUI) my documents all live on drive D: - with lots of room to expand.

Next step in the new PC's life is a bunch of data shares, and a shared printer that my Mac can use. Hmmm...

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