Saturday, 10 April 2010

He's right, you know

Issues of online ownership and control arise. Cory Doctorow, a man whose opinions on copyright tally with - and guide - mine, has put the hard word on Apple's iPad and its DRM. (This is an excerpt from a post to a forum.)

When Joel Johnson wrote that Apple was trying to turn computers into appliances, like a dishwasher, he sounded like he was making sense. Nothing wrong with a dishwasher.

But the company that sells you your dishwasher doesn't get to tell you which dishes you're allowed to use. They don't get to sue companies that make dishes that might possibly be loaded into the dishwasher. They don't get to sue you for figuring out how to cook salmon in your dishwasher. They don't get to sue O'Reilly if it publishes a recipe for dishwasher salmon.

I agree, Apple are as fascist as Microsoft ever was when it comes to consumer freedom. But their gear is nice, I must admit...

Update - next thing I know, here's the issue again. "Is Steve Jobs Ignoring History, Or Trying To Rewrite It?" Watch out for Android!

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Red Nech said...

One of my lads calls his i pod the "Nazi Pod".

Erases its own memory if he dares plug it into a mates pc to charge it....
He's not attempted to steam fish, or drive nails with it as yet, but it can only lead to tears.
Most I know who own i-pods will preach the virtues, simply cos it's.. well.. you know... an "I" pod mannnn.

A friend recently threw out her 3 year old white dishwasher, to buy a shiny silver job to match the new fridge.. The new washer leaks and is generally rubbish. She loves it...
Given time she'll be hunting for i-pads in the Femme section of New World I'm sure. Fabbbbbulous