Sunday, 4 April 2010

On my way

We've had a great couple of days in Wanaka. I went to the Warbirds on Saturday, and on Sunday we got a second look at the planes assembling overhead before being called in to make their appearance at the airport. I have some great photos, but with limited broadband I'll wait till I'm home to post them on Flickr. One sample for now - a Navy Seasprite helicopter showing its stuff.

NZ Navy Seasprite naval helicopter.

In the morning I start my bike trip. I've re-packed my panniers, throwing out a kilo or so of extra food and a bit of clothing. Tomorrow I want to be on the road by 10am, on the 61km ride to Makarora. The forecast for the next three days is for southerlies, meaning fine weather west of the divide and even better, a tail wind. If I get to Franz Josef I'll be happy, and as the forecast for Friday is for rain we may well head for Christchurch after the glaciers. From Franz to Hokitika over the plains is pretty tedious travelling anyway.

Sideline: Cory Doctorow won't buy an iPad, and thinks you shouldn't buy one either.

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