Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Confidence boost

In 3 weeks we will be holidaying at the Muri Beach Club Hotel in Rarotonga. I was wondering whether to take a laptop with me, and their web site didn't provide any information, so I filled out an enquiry form and asked about internet access. The enquiry went through to somewhere, and I got a nice message, "Thank you for your Enquiry. We will anwser as soon as possible."

I look forward to their anwser. But I bet I don't get one. I'll take my laptop anyway.

Update: I had a reply within an hour, telling me that they have pay-per-use wifi in the lobby. I may use it, as I'll still take a computer to make safety copies of photos.

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Cams Place said...

e free internet access from a desktop PC

Break free!! It would not be the best look to be sitting poolside - pinoclada in hand, laptop .....