Sunday, 23 May 2010

Getting fitter

Schroeder and I did the Bridle Path in an hour return today, including a 5-10 minute breather at the top. We must be getting fitter.

That must be a huge steak - we did 3 ribeye steaks with room to spare.

We bought a new griller this afternoon. Our old vertical griller died a few weeks ago, and grilling in the oven leaves a smell that takes a day to go away, and makes the smoke alarms go hyper. So we now own a George Foreman Next Grilleration™ Removable Plate Grill. It has "Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine" printed on the lid, and it did steaks quite nicely, though I'd still prefer to pan-grill steaks. This will be great for chops, though. And toasted sandwiches, of course.

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