Tuesday, 4 May 2010

One Bad Apple, and other thoughts

Stephen Foley, NZ Herald on Steve Jobs' War On Flash

"...the feud with Adobe is enormously self-serving, and his characterisation of it somewhat disingenuous. While the Apple boss cloaks his criticisms of Flash in the language of 'open-source' computing, he has developed the most tightly closed system for his company's devices that the tech industry has ever seen.

Not even Microsoft, the anti-trust evil incarnate, ever forced you to buy your software applications from it directly. The only gateway Apple allows is its official 'App Store'.
As Mr Jobs lures you in, he is padlocking the doors behind you."

Bob Cringely, InfoWorld - why you can trust open source software.

"Open Source works precisely because there is no money in it. If there is no obvious financial reward what’s mainly left is doing it for glory. Linus Torvalds, the original author of the Linux operating system, likes to point out that Microsoft ships new products to meet revenue goals while volunteer Linux developers ship new products when they are ready. To do it any other way would be embarrassing. Viewed in this way Windows Vista, which was two years late but still terrible, suddenly begins to make sense.
Open Source software authors have their names on the product and their reputations at stake, so they make sure the code they ship is as good as it can be. How quaint."

"Open Sores software"
Alan Hoskin, UCTL, University of Canterbury, and master punster

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