Monday, 10 May 2010

Way to go

We had the yacht in the water at noon yesterday on a flat calm harbour. We took advantage of the high tide to motor into Governors Bay, which is normally too shallow, then motored back towards the main harbour in time to meet a breeze near the yacht club. We had the sails up and the motor switched off very rapidly, to enjoy an hour and a half of sailing in a 5-10 knot easterly. It was the first time this season that we used our large genoa, and the boat just charged along in the light conditions.

We finished early for several reasons; it was colder than we expected, Schroeder wanted to get home in time to prepare for a meeting today, and I got calls saying that our Moodle system had lost its database connection, so I was prepared to head to work to help with that. The Moodle problem was fixed with a reboot (whew) but we were happy to finish an hour earlier than we'd planned, and to have had such lovely conditions.

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