Sunday, 20 June 2010

More TV

This morning I bought an indoor UHF aerial, then took it back and bought another. The first was awful in appearance, looking like a shopping trolley with dandruff - bits of wire everywhere - and its signal wasn't strong enough. A fairly static TV image showed OK, but any fast movement left big blocks of confused pixels. That meant a second trip to Dick Smiths, to purchase an antenna with a signal amplifier, which not only works fine, but is far less visually offensive.

My other shopping expedition was to the big Supa Centa at Northwood, where I found a Magic DTV recorder, and now I've got that set up - with a little juggling of UHF antenna cables again. And it is amazing! Firstly, its remote and the TV remote had a wee chat via infrared, and now the Magic remote has learned to imitate Sony on-off and volume buttons, so we can run everything from that. It has full 1080p high definition, a 500GB hard drive, and is a piece of cake to set up for recording.

All we need now is some quality programmes to watch...

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