Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Winter again

We are celebrating the mid-winter week with wet and cold weather, but it's bringing snow to Mt Hutt (25cm so far) and Porters.

Last week I was pretty gloomy about whether I'd get any skiing this season, as my right hip was giving me so much pain. However, I've got my pain medication sorted out now and it's still a bit painful, but under control, so I think that I can ski as long as I have a pocketful of drugs and I don't go mad. Going carefully won't be easy for me, I do like to get some momentum going when I ski, but I'll work it out I'm sure.

It looks like my #2 hip has started deteriorating seriously, so I'm hoping to get a replacement operation in December. The initial snag is that the orthopedic surgeon is booked up, and the first appointment I can get to see him is mid September. If he agrees to go ahead, and my insurance company cooperate, it will still be tight to get a booking by December. I'd like to have the operation then because it's quiet at work, I can use the holidays to spin out my recovery leave without taking too much sick leave, and I can be back at work by late January. Also I can wear jandals and shorts in summer, so I won't have the agonising stretch to put socks and shoes on.

But first there's a ski season. Watch this space.

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