Sunday, 4 July 2010

It's a long way to Dunedin

Three hundred and sixty kilometres each way, according to Google Maps. We arrived about 1pm on Saturday and found Jim waiting for us, in good form, so we went to have lunch at the St Clair Salt Water Pool. The cafe there is right on the point, with surfers riding past as you eat lunch - when it eventually arrives. How soup and a toasted sandwich took so long is a mystery.

We dropped Jim back for a sleep, and caught up again about 5.30, for a pre dinner drink. We then checked in with Dick and Sue Williman, old friends from Wanaka who have a spectacular new house overlooking Otago Harbour, and run a B&B in the purpose built suite downstairs. It was great to see them, and to catch up on news. Heather and I returned to town for a meal, then drove up to Signal Hill to photograph the lights of the town, and back for an early night.

This morning we breakfasted and had a great chat with Dick while Sue had a lie in, then collected Jim. We went from the rest home to his house at The Cove, where we met the Guthries' first grandchild (whose Gaelic name I've forgotten - something like Tadgh, but I haven't got it quite right), plus parents James and Susan. After a jolly hour of baby admiring Heather and I went for lunch with Jim and Barbara, then we left for Christchurch and they went back to their lives.

It was good to see Jim, who's looking fine in his good interludes, but is more and more needing rest and quiet as the Parkinsons slowly wins the battle. Still, the presence of the little grandson is a huge boost to his morale, which is lovely to see.

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