Tuesday, 20 July 2010

On the move again

I'll be shifting out from my single office, back to a shared office with Jess, over the next couple of days. Our new team leader arrives next week, so I presume he'll want a private space. It looks like we'll be in for some interesting times.

I went for a swim after work, and managed a dozen laps of freestyle/crawl. My previous swim on Sunday was all done swimming breastroke, which is my preferred stroke, but the diagonal kick action caused huge discomfort in my hip, taking a day to recover. So I perform a stately but slow progress up the Friendly lane, though I hope that my fitness will improve fairly quickly.

The hip is a bit stiff and sore this morning, but nothing like the pain I had on Sunday. In previous stints at swimming I've progressed to reasonable speed and distance in 5 or 6 sessions, though this hip may not tolerate that much effort. Still, any kind of exercise is better than none.

I'm seeing my GP again on Friday, and I hope that she'll pull a few strings and get me a surgeon's appointment earlier than September 17th, which is the best they can offer at present.

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