Saturday, 31 July 2010

The week in pictures

A selection of pics from the last week or ten days. Just because.

Moore's Law in USB sticks: from the front a 2GB, then a 4GB the same size, then a smaller 4GB, and at the rear the tiniest 4GB - the last one's memory is in the little black handle, and the biggest part is the connector itself.

Home made pizza for Sunday lunch. Yes, it was good.

Lyttelton Harbour from the Summit Road.

I left the little office which had been my domain for the last year.

Back to sharing the large corner office with Jess.

A $48 Lazyboy chair from Trademe now sits in the corner of the living room, making our furniture collection even more rag-tag and eclectic.

Impulsive is wrapped up in a new cover to keep the winter storms away.

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