Saturday, 14 August 2010

Just yesterday

Oh wow, man, I just had a cosmic thing happen. Well, not exactly, but I've been sitting here on a Saturday night, nothing on telly and Heather's sloped off to bed (still recovering from her mountain sleepover) - so I'm surfing around Huff Post reading what a lying uncaring bitch Sarah Palin is, and listening to the Grateful Dead - as you do. Then I noticed that iTunes shows me the original date of the recording. I'm listening to a live version of Sugar Magnolia, on the Farewell to Winterland live concert. June 1975! And it sounds so good.

So that's my revelation, how good 35 year old music can sound. Actually, it's moved on to US Blues, and that sounds pretty good too. Think I'll try for Ripple or Attics Of My Life next.

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