Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My online world

If you click the screenshot above, you will see a full size version in a new tab or window. Look at the tabs that are open in the web browser (Firefox is still my favourite but Chrome is pushing hard).

Right, to the point. The sites I use most (outside work) are:
  • iGoogle - One of my home pages. This is personalised with news and tech sites, Doonesbury and Zits, and shortcut windows to Facebook and Gmail
  • Twitter - enough said.
  • Facebook - just because.
  • Blogger - you're reading it. My other home page.
  • Gmail - not really essential as it's part of iGoogle, but convenient.
Every one of these is a web based service; in the cloud, as the current mantra goes. Three of the five are Google products. So, as Google have been predicting, I spend nearly all my online time in a browser.

Does this make me one of the Net Generation? Doubtful - a new lecturer called me Sir several times this afternoon, so maybe I'm more of the Cobweb Generation.

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